International Symposium
Appraisal of the Relationships between Business Associations and other organizations - Europe 19-20th C

June, 20th - 21st 2013

LARHRA, Lyon 2

In collaboration with the Universities of Paris-Cité Paris 13 and Paris 1-Sorbonne


This international symposium affirms its continuity with a current international and interdisciplinary research program, launched in 2010, on Business and Trade Organizations in Europe (19-20th C.). Indeed, if Political Scientists and Economists, then Historians and Social Scientists, have investigated several specific points, such as: Elites’ forms of sociability, lobbies, collective actions, history of companies etc., if international studies on Employer’s representation groups or Employer’s labor policies, were initiated; by contrast historical studies focusing on these organizations, themselves, and in a comparative perspective, remain scarce. Therefore the field of Business Associations must be explored more fully.

This international symposium is challenging the Appraisal of the  Relationships between Business Associations and other organizations in Europe 19-20thC.

Business Association defined, develop, foster and maintain different types of relationships with other organizations (domination, collaboration, competition, dispute etc.). The goal of the 2013 symposium, is to study more extensively the relationships built over time by the Business Associations themselves (i.e. not individuals) with:

  • Workers’ Organizations
  • Political Parties
  • Clubs and Think Tanks
  • other Business and Trade Organizations or Chambers of Commerce  
  • Employers’ Organizations


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